Senior Negotiator


Salary Guide: £23,500 (Company car provided / Office Mobile & iPad)

Our Client, a Customer Focused Property company based in Glasgow are keen to secure a Senior Negotiator to join their team.

The role is vital to achieving one of the company’s main objectives – ‘efficient and reliable customer & client focused service.’

You will work closely with the Managing Director to facilitate a smooth transition of new company processes and procedures.

This is a post where clear communication is key – the successful candidate will ensure the company’s clients feel valued and carry out all tasks in an efficient, professional manner.

The day to day work involves carrying out inventories, checkouts and preparing properties for move-in. One of your senior responsibilities is to monitor job performance throughout the company and to identify any areas of improvement that will lead to an improved service. You will also assist the Managing Director with responsibilities involved in generating new business, including property appraisals and new client enquiries.


  • Honest, respectful and trustworthy.
  • Courteous, professional and attentive.
  • Helpful and a good communicator.
  • Good listener and be able to identify the customers` needs.
  • Competent as an individual and as part of the whole organisation.
  • Knowledgeable, accurate and accountable.
  • Flexible, adaptable and responsible.
  • Reliable and dependable, as an individual, to colleagues and to our customers.
  • To be dedicated and to care about our purpose and our vision.
  • To be aware of and responsive to your client and colleagues needs/wants.
  • To do a great job, to regularly review what you could do better and strive for personal and organisational improvement.

 Main Duties and responsibilities

Inventories  • Conducting Inventories to a satisfactory nature, ensuring all information is recorded efficiently and documentary data such as photos are taken and recorded as needed.

  • Writing up inventories and storing them in iSurvey.
  • Store all information onto Shared Data, and make sure it is accessible for office staff when needed and is kept up to date.
  • Ensure inventories are completed in a timely manner prior to any move in. In the event of a delay, office staff must be notified within due course.
  • Take and record meter readings.
  • Responsible for arranging keys for tenants. This includes double checking there is the appropriate amount of keys in the office and getting them cut where necessary.
  • Make sure that any correspondence between work colleagues and clients relating to inventories must be done in writing by email.


Notices • Process notices received in writing through Jupix.

  • Check notice period is in line with tenancy agreement and advise tenants of moving out procedure.
  • Update landlord and either re-advertise or put property on hold until works are carried out.
  • Monitor properties on hold board and liaise with landlords on works to bring property to market.
  •  Arrange checkout in diary.

Checkouts • Ensure a checkout is completed within 7 days after a property has been vacated.

  • During checkout, ensure that you remain neutral, and maintain professionalism when assessing damages to property and calculating deductions for deposits.
  • Taking photos of all damages for record purposes. All damages must be recorded in detail.
  • Ensure no details are overlooked, and checkouts are conducted in a systematic process.
  •  Inform tenants and landlords of the result of the checkout, and provide evidence where needed.
  • Take and record meter readings.
  •  Make sure that any correspondence between work colleagues and clients relating to checkouts must be done in writing by email.

Deposits  • Email landlord and tenant notifying them of their return of deposit, and any deductions that need to be carried out.

  • Contact SDS and liaise with them regarding tenant’s deposits
  • Attempt to have this done within 2 weeks of a property being vacated in order to provide our clients with an efficient and quality service.
  • Ensure that you respect the wishes of both the landlord and tenant
  • Make sure that any correspondence between work colleagues and clients relating deposits must be done on writing by email.


First-Tier Tribunal / TPO Representation • Inform landlords of all reported incidents when received, providing advise where required.

Maintenance (Assist with….) • Dealing with customer enquiries quickly, efficiently, and understanding all maintenance enquiries to the best of your ability

  • All reported problems must be recorded accurately into Jupix, and updated once the issue is closed
  •  Maintenance voicemail must be listened to every day
  •  Emails must be answered or acknowledged daily
  •  Landlords should be informed of all problems and should be asked how they would like to proceed with the repair.
  •  Arrange for repairs with the relevant contractor or arrange access for landlord’s personal contractors if need be

Appraisals (Assist with….) • Dealing with new lettings appraisal requests in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

  • Advising new landlords of the services provided
  • Advising new landlords of what is required of them to be a landlord.
  • Arrange market appraisal, detailing recommended market price and the next steps to proceed with a management agreement.
  • Help to generate new clients.


HMO Checks/ Inspections (Assist with….) • Advise new tenants to HMO properties of the fire regulations and procedures required of them.

  • Carry out routine inspections of HMO properties to ensure that procedures as being followed by tenants.
  • Carry out inspections prior to HMO Licence Board visits to ensure property is compliant. • Monitor HMO certification renewals.
  • Assist with HMO licensing applications and license renewals.
  • Liaise with HMO licensing board/ fire officers to maintain company relationship.


Normal hours of work: 41.5 hours – 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday, 9:00am to 4:30pm Friday.

One Saturday per month 9:30am to 2:00pm. 45minute lunch to be taken between 12pm and 2pm.

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