The importance of putting the right tenant in the right property is paramount for long term success. At Jobs in Letting, we understand the same principle holds true for matching the right candidate to the right job… even if it takes a bit of time.

When placing candidates, we strive to get a well rounded view of your organisation and company culture understanding your processes, your needs and your organisational aspirations. By taking this holistic approach we are better placed to recruit your staff. Its not just convenient rhetoric — our knowledge of the companies in the market is second to none and is the cornerstone of our business.

We search for candidates in all the usual places both on and offline, plus a few other less known avenues. Our aim is to have a constant high quality pool of candidates to minimize or eliminate gaps in your personnel. We hope you will like and come to rely on our services. For more information, please call Michelle on 0845 225 6500 or email michelle@jobsinletting.com

  • A few of our valued clients

    ESPC Lettings
    Orchard & Shipman
    Murray & Currie
    Mavor & Company
    Rettie & Co
    Grant Property
    Clouds Property Management
    Hadden Rankin
    Albany Lettings
    McLean Forth