From Candidate to Client

I first reached out to Michelle at Jobs in Letting, nine years ago when I found myself being made redundant from my first property job in Edinburgh having graduated from Uni the year before and deciding to take a year out to travel.

For anyone in the property industry, especially if you are new to it, it can be a daunting industry to enter and the head fuzz of “where do I start?”….”where do I look?”, “which is the right agency for me?” and a million other questions start to creep in. So, when I found Michelle, or rather, when Michelle found me, I remember breathing a sigh of relief, it was refreshing to chat to someone who humanised the whole situation. Michelle really listens to you as a person and then looks at you as a potential candidate. With Michelle’s extensive knowledge of the property industry and being a general people person, I joke that she is a matchmaker as she’s got a great knack of matching people to agencies where she feels will benefit both parties.

The world of recruitment, in my opinion, can easily feel like one in a sea of many and if you are hired, you are hired to fill a space without much thought being given to ensure that key elements match with what a candidate is looking for, as well as what a client is looking for. With Michelle’s ability to establish great relationships with both parties, you really get a sense of care, excitement and understanding, as well as being incredibly efficient.

Nicola Roberston, Branch Manager of Albany Lettings

Over the past nine years, I’ve found myself reaching out to Michelle as a trusted source when I’ve been looking to develop my career. With Edinburgh’s extensive property industry, Michelle has great insight to a lot of these businesses and is a reason, I believe, why so many candidates and clients trust her implicitly.

Having started out as a candidate, to now, where Michelle helped me gain my current position as Branch Manager at Albany Lettings, I’ve found myself reaching out to Michelle as a client. Having transitioned from candidate to client, now being on the other side of the hiring process, I appreciate having worked with Michelle as a candidate as I relate to her processes and recognise the positive attributes and guidance that she brings to what can be a stressful process for all parties.

In my view, the realm of recruitment often appears overcrowded, where candidates are seemingly hired merely to fill a vacancy without sufficient consideration for aligning the needs and expectations of both candidates and clients.