JIL Launches Innovative ‘Try Before You Buy’ Service

Jobs In Letting recently launched an innovative service whereby clients have the opportunity to recruit candidates on a trial basis before committing to a full time position.

It allows prospective employers to ‘try before they buy’ and affords candidates, who are currently not working, the opportunity to gain new experience and get to know a company and role before committing to full time employment.

The move is aimed to minimise the inherent risk that exists on both sides when a candidate starts a new job in a new company. Even the best recruitment processes can’t fully eliminate the potential for things to unravel in the early stages of a new job.




Elspeth Boyle, Director at Landlord Accreditation Scotland, who recently took on candidate Nikoleta on this basis described her experience and rationale:

“Team work is essential. It is important to have a team of people working in sync. This comes by having competent and capable staff but key to this is also, does the team work well together – are they compatible?

So when Michelle suggested the idea of taking a member of staff through the wonderfully titled “Try before you buy” initiative I was delighted to have the opportunity not only to have time to see what sort of work ethic the candidate had, but importantly to see how the team dynamic worked with addition of a new member of staff.

I continue to be delighted as we were able to offer a full time position to our newest team member. Great idea and what’s more it makes perfect business sense.”


Elspeth Boyle


And we were delighted to hear that Nikoleta echoed this positive sentiment:

“Edinburgh was my new beginning. Michelle and Jobs in Letting were a lifesaver. During hard times, she offered me an opportunity to work with LAS on a trial basis in respect of a job they had. I sat down with the extraordinary Elspeth Boyle and we got on well from the beginning. That being only the first step to meeting a fabulous team which I would get the amazing opportunity to be a part of today. No other Agency goes to the lengths JIL does to allow both candidate and employer know they have made the right decisions.”




‘Try before you buy’ is JILs answer to an endemic issue of the recruitment process. We are delighted to be able to offer this service which ultimately means that all parties can have ever greater confidence in the longevity of our placements, a key driver of all our activities and a KPI we prioritise over all else including volume of placements.

If you are an employer considering taking someone on or a candidate currently available for work, then please get in touch; we would be delighted to discuss the service in more detail…