Top Tips for a successful interview….

 Be prepared – check out the company website in advance. Get a feel for the company culture, size of organisation.  Office location (make sure you know where you are going as some companies have more than one branch) Have a note of the person’s name you are meeting / their position within the organisation (good to know if this is the person you will be working directly for/with)

Read & re-read the job description – note any questions you may have together with high-lighting any tasks which you have strong experience in. (note examples)

Be punctual and calm on arrival.

Present yourself well – this is your chance to impress your future employer. Dress the part… Remember to speak clearly and smile!

Practice – have a run through of the questions you may have for the interviewer together with prepared answers for those Questions you may be asked! Long term goals and aspirations / Why are you looking to make a move / What interests you in their company… / what can you bring to the role/the company..

Listen – it’s sounds obvious, however, it really helps if you listen extremely carefully to the questions being asked and give time before you give a well thought out reply. 

Remember an interview is a ‘two way street’– you want to ‘want’ the job and be excited about the company……  Regardless of how you feel, at the end of the interview always thank the Interviewer for their time and shake their hand.  (a good firm hand-shake is best and professional)


Good luck!